The priests and staff of the ROC had to renew the working pass, the validity of which expired on may 5, told RIA Novosti press-service of the Moscow Department of information technology.

Earlier in mass media and social networks there was information that many priests and staff members of the Russian Orthodox Church in Moscow 4 may not operate a digital badge.

"In accordance with the decree of the Moscow mayor No. 52-UM, working digital badge issued prior to April 30, inclusive, in force until 4 may. To travel to work from 5 to 11 may, workers were required to renew your passport on the portal The validity of permits that were not renewed, expired on 5 may. In this case, to travel, workers have to issue a new digital pass", – reported the press service of answering the question of why some employees with the ROC on may 4, not work permit.