the Series is based on an article by journalist Andrew Revkin “Missing. The curious case of Vladimir Alexandrov’s” (“Missing: The curious case of Vladimir Alexandrov”), published in 1986 in the American scientific journal Science Digest. To this day she remains the most complete and detailed article about Vladimir Aleksandrov. Scientific consultant of the movie was Julie Rispoli, PhD and research fellow, Institute for the history of science max Planck in Berlin. Project author Nikolai Galitsin, and stands as one of his producers. The co-producers on the Russian side, Artem Vasiliev and Asya Pavlovskaya.

“the Prophet of the Apocalypse. The disappearance of Vladimir Alexandrov” is a film-investigation, including interviews with friends, family members, colleagues, scientists, and competitors political figures of the time. Their testimonies will create a dramatic portrait of a man committed to science and the family, were in the midst of the fight of ideologies. Their interview will tell you how the world talking about global climate change and the threat of nuclear war, and as the technological theory became a weapon in the struggle for power”, – stated in the release “Metrafilms”.

March 31, 1985 in Madrid Alexandrov disappeared. He had just returned from participation in the international peacekeeping mission in the Vatican, begging the world not to use nuclear weapons, because in case of conflict, earth will experience a sharp decrease in temperature, which will be fatal for all living things. He and his fellow climate scientists described the concept of “nuclear winter”.

the Soviet Union then accused US in the kidnapping of Vladimir Alexandrov. The United States accused the KGB of killing. All the others waited for news about his flight to the West. Weeks passed before the news published in the media. In the journal “Nature” published a small article about the incident: “Soviet scientist disappeared without a trace.” Several months passed, and all about him forgotten. About the history not remembered 35 years.

“in Addition to the theme, which seemed to us very significant and require investigation, this series meets our two critical criteria. First, Ron has a special author’s view and approach to this story, which makes it not just a standard documentary investigation, and creates something more. As well as this brand of international history, which took place in different countries of the world, in which Russia, then the Soviet Union, plays a significant role. So the series fits into our second filter is a strong international potential of the project and the opportunity to co-production,” says producer Artem Vasiliev.

“I learned about Aleksandrov last year, when he adapted the book of Anna Kavan’s “Ice” (Ice, Anna Kavan) script for a sci-Fi movie. Studying the theory of “nuclear winter”, I found a detailed and entertaining article by Andrew Revkin. I called Andrew and invited to join in the work with the film. He was very glad and agreed. Since then, we have contacted many friends and colleagues of Vladimir, and, most importantly, we fully supported his daughter Olga Alexandrova.In parallel with the film Olga and I are now creating the scientific Foundation of Vladimir Alexandrov to help young scientists to travel and study abroad. We strive to ensure that the Fund earned along with the release of the film next year”, – says Director of the documentary series Nikolai Golitsyn.

presentation of the project will be held on 8 June 2020 in the framework of the Russian online film market Key Buyers Event Digital Edition, organized by “Roskino”. The project team is interested in attracting international partners. Pre-planned three series, about 50 minutes each.