Skeptical, you commented on the decision by the Federal government, that the customer for travel, you cannot compete because of the Corona-pandemic, is to get a voucher. “In Europe, people have purely legal, the choice of whether you want the money or a voucher,” said the Commission head.

However, not distressed customer called von der Leyen financially to take advantage of this legal gap: “In this crisis, the solidarity of all. Whom it is financially possible, should not insist on money, but with coupons that help travel companies be able to bridge these difficult weeks.” The claims of the customers should remain protected. Germany bewegendster Corona Song: “Victoriam” – Listen, we support the good purpose of FOCUS Online music for the soul and hope: Germany bewegendster Corona Song: “Victoriam” – Listen, we support the good cause of Germany bewegendster Corona Song: “Victoriam” – Listen, we support the good cause

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“Older people need to be very patient”

Von der Leyen, expects that because of the Corona Virus have imposed visitor restrictions need to remain in old homes up in the next year.

“Without a vaccine, we have to stay with the contacts of the seniors as far as it is restricted. I know this is hard and the loneliness presses. But it’s a matter of life. We need to stay disciplined and be very patient,” said von der Leyen, the “picture on Sunday”. “We will need to many months, probably into next year, learn to live with the Virus.”

A vaccine it is according to the President of the Commission until the end of the year. Two of the most promising teams of researchers are sitting, according to von der Leyen in Europe: “you are planning to begin soon, with clinical testing. Then it will take steps to certification and mass production. I hope that you have developed towards the end of the year, a vaccine. So then fast-vaccinated can be, we are now talking with manufacturers about production capacities worldwide.”

Von der Leyen next week, sets EU-Exit-strategy

schools and day-care centres could open in the view of the Commission boss beforehand again: “children and young people have more freedom of movement than old people and people with pre-existing conditions. This we need to protect for much longer.”

In the next week, want to introduce to von der Leyen, the guidelines and recommendations of the EU Commission for an Exit strategy from the Corona-measures. However, “without a date”, because the member States are in very different stages of the pandemic, and each country can decide for yourself. Von der Leyen said: “I don’t want to decide at all Central, because the situation in Milan is quite different than in Münster, as well as between urban and rural areas.” Corona virus

corona viruses were beireits again identified in the 1960s as a pathogen and lead often to infections in animals-in the last 20 years, always with people. Epidemics were caused by the Sars or Mers – excitation. Science has already warned of the outbreak of the Sars-CoV-2 Virus longer in front of risks by a new pandemic by corona viruses.

The strength of Europe is that not one decides. “But we can learn a lot from each other and in the regions of gradual relaxations start,” said von der Leyen. As an example, they called the Danes, who are now opening schools and daycare centers. Scientists would measure the effect on the Virus. Of all the countries in the region profited.

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Orban is building Hungary – face of the Leyen

threatened Because of the controversial Corona emergency laws by the Hungarian government, the EU threatens-President of the Commission, meanwhile, Budapest proceedings with a breach of contract. “I am ready to act, if the limitations exceed the allowed amount”, von der Leyen said the “Bild am Sonntag”. “Then infringement procedures threaten.” Corona-office hours: here you can Set your question to Covid-19

The number of Corona-ill people increases, the of the questions as well. FOCUS Online has therefore built up a network of experts and answer your questions.

The consultation

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban had let the Parliament with comprehensive powers of attorney give. He can rule in Hungary, now by decree and declared a state of emergency without the consent of the Parliament extend. Basically, it was in order, when the member States of the EU to respond with emergency measures to the crisis, von der Leyen more.

“But The measures must be proportionate, limited in time, subject to democratic control.” The Commission observed that in all the States, “but in the case of Hungary we can see due to critical experiences of the past, exactly”.

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