Of the Central Bank after redemption of the shares of Sberbank sell them back on the market

the Bank of Russia will put back on sale of redeemable shares under the offer from shareholders may, through repeat public offering (SPO), told journalists the first Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank Sergey Shvetsov.

the offer exposed only to holders of voting shares (ordinary).

the Government, the Central Bank buys the government’s stake in Sberbank to 50 percent at market price and by law must send the proposal to repurchase shares to other shareholders.

By law, the Bank of Russia is obliged to buy and sell stocks before the end of 2022. The Central Bank does not expect that there will be a large response to this offer.

Shares of the savings Bank – one of the most attractive on the market. Last year the value of Sberbank shares on the market several times updated the historical maximum.

If there is a lot of wishing to sell shares under the offer, it “will conduct an SPO, if there will be few, the market will sell. It depends on the volume”. “We will buy these stocks on the market, and then sell them, should be for two years with little to sell on the market”, — said the first Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank (quote RIA Novosti news Agency).