in the past 24 hours, a further 69 people have died from the corona virus in the country. This was reported by the daily perspunt of the emergency operations centre about the situation in the country. In total, there are now 3.042, the people in the hospitals, of whom 690 in intensive care.

in the last 24 hours of 490 patients, an extra is included in the hospital. Eighty-five additional patients were admitted in the intensive care, which is the amount of 690 patients will. 498 patients, ventilation (+78).

in the 183 people in the hospital and allowed to leave. In total, as of march 15, all 858 COVID-19-the patient healed and released from the hospital.

(289 deaths:

our country, died, now, all of 289 people, with the corona virus, an increase of 69, compared with Thursday. It’s going to be the strongest of the increase in the number of deaths since the onset of the financial crisis. “It’s going to be mainly for people with old age,” says virologist is in order: Steven Van Gucht.

Of the 69 newly reported deaths, the death of a 46 on the 25th of march, the 21st to the 26th of march, and the 2 before that date. The report of the deaths, it may take a couple of days because of the increased pressure on hospitals and communities, report of the federal public service of public Health.

Also, another 1.049 people tested positive, out of whom 772, in Flanders, living at 137 in Brussels, and 131 in the walloon region. Of the nine infected patients, it is not known where they are living. The number of confirmed infected people, it is now on 7.284.

the Cat’s are infected:

There is also a cat to be infected with the virus, and Van Gucht know about it. They have been infected by its infected owner. “This is not an isolated case, and it is not something that is uncommon. For the avoidance of doubt, the virus is transmitted by human-to-animal.”

finally, The Erc emphasized that the measures taken should be aware of. “This is the only way to get it under control,” said by Yves Stevens. “Even if you’re already in two weeks, ill: keep your social contacts in real life. There are plenty of ways to communicate with family and friends. It is very important that we keep this up.”

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