Of sixty passengers on the flight to Kazakhstan flew only one

the Inhabitant of Alma-ATA was flying home on the plane from Aktau alone — other 59 passengers that bought the tickets, refused to travel.

Rabiga zhumadilova, according to “News of Kazakhstan”, planned to return home on March 29, but because of the state of emergency declared on the 16th day, preparing before. According to her, she called the airline and was told that flights are cancelled from March 21.

At the appointed time the woman came to airport Aktau and was surprised to find that is in the hall waiting all alone. “I’m waiting for the plane. No one in the hall, it looks like I will fly one,” he recorded his observations Rabiga.

and So it happened. On the plane she was greeted by name and invited to choose any place.

“a private jet taking me to Alma-ATA,” the enthusiasm shared by the traveler. The flight was uneventful, and Rabiga get home safely.