Of glavarkhiv Moskvy on 22 June will resume exhibition halls and reading rooms. This was reported on Thursday on the official website of the Moscow mayor.

"Also will resume a personal reception of citizens. Agency staff will meet visitors in medical masks and gloves, as well as to conduct regular disinfection of premises", – stated in the message.

In times of high alert the archive staff of the Department continued to accept requests. Thus, experts have handled about 12 thousand applications of citizens for issuance of archival certificates, copies of documents, statements and other materials.

"most Often, Muscovites were asked to provide documents proving their working experience, and salary certificates from previous jobs. These documents are necessary for charge of pension on age. Also citizens asked for help about the higher or average special educational institution", – stated in the message.

In addition, residents of the capital have made property requests and appealed to the Glavarhiva on exploring the city’s history and architecture.