According to the indictment, two of the many individuals, you money to entrust to a supposedly shortly before the completion of the purchase of two paintings of world rank, of a Rembrandt and a Titian convinced. The offence total at around ten million Swiss francs.

A brace of Zurich, art lovers should have offered the “Titian,” a Bar owner from the Zurich’s district 4 is very cheap. A little later, the art-loving Lord should have given to the Bar owner a Rembrandt even.

Many of the donors were from this story, and the promised prize tempting. The images are likely to bring to the international trade tens of millions of francs, a multiple of the purchase price, told donors, the two defendants of their potential money.

But the Deal was lazy. The “Rembrandt” was an opinion as worthless, and the supposed “Titian” is created in the workshop without the Intervention of the master.

The investors paid money flowed even in the supposed images of trade, but in the Bar in Zurich’s langstrasse district, the former girlfriend of the bar owner driver, to Brazil and alimony for the Ex-wife.

the Bar owner from the “Chreis Cheib” is a veteran businessman in the dock. He is said to have brought to investors, especially for the art of Deal on Board. The payments then ran over to the bar driver.

“I am one hundred percent confident that I am the lawful owner of the two pictures,” the shaven-headed, muscular, and sharp-edged Bar owner to log. Finally, he had received from the late art-lover owner certificate. Also of the authenticity of the images, he was convinced.

The Bar owner denied the alleged offence the sum of ten million francs. So much he had never received. He did not know what to obtain the Bernese businessman of his money donors.

The due to fraud relevant to ex-offenders Berner pointed out on Tuesday before the court of any guilt. He had also invested money in the art Deal and was just such a geprellter Investor like so many others. To blame for the misery of the bar driver, combined with all the behind the light.

The charges against the Bar owner and the Berne business man, among other things, commercial fraud, possibly embezzlement. The Duo have a close and mutually contributed together cast and roughly the same Share to act at all. The court will deliver its verdict on 29. May open up.