Odyssey ships continues: Westerdam allowed in the port on Diamond Princess, a growing number of cases

China has dramatically increased the number of cases of coronavirus — almost 15 million new people infected per day. Such a leap of power explained by the fact that doctors began to use new methods of diagnosis. Now infected recognized those who have the virus previously only suspected. Meanwhile, the first case of infection confirmed in London.

today there were the first quarantine zone outside of China. Vietnam insulated the whole rural commune with a population of 10 thousand people, after there is ill, six.

the New infections found, and on the cruise liner Diamond Princess — they have 218. And another ship with tourists, Westerdam finally allowed into port in Cambodia. But nearly fifteen hundred passengers still on the shore not released.

“the Ship took a course to Sihanoukville, we go to the port,” says a female passenger.

the Cambodian air force Helicopter arrived in the port of Sihanoukville to pick up samples taken for analysis of blood with the long-suffering passengers of the liner Westerdam. Hardly anyone of a thousand tourists, among them citizens of Russia, suggested that their protracted voyage will end in Cambodia.

“Only that we were told that we after 15-20 minutes we will arrive to the dock. He gave us passports with the Cambodian visa, we received the visa, in my opinion, for three months. All very orderly. Here is are these sanitizer if they don’t work then there are employees and everyone who comes here be sure to give this gel disinfectant” — said Yana Dmitrieva, passenger.

Two weeks liner unsuccessfully sought refuge in the Western part of the Pacific ocean. GUAM, Japan, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, everywhere Westerdam unfolded in fear of the coronavirus and because in the Japanese port of Yokohama for the second week continues the drama with quarantine on Board the Diamond Princess.

“Comrades, our countrymen, who came with me for a walk. Twenty ten by the clock, and nobody from our Japanese friends, only two compatriots and I who conducts this survey. The Japanese, apparently, is sick,” said Sergei Popov, a passenger liner.

Sick, by the way, not only Japanese. On the ninth day of quarantine the virus was diagnosed in 44 people. Until they are removed from the Board and delivered to hospitals, the quarantine officials take samples from the next group of passengers. The crew is trying to somehow brighten up the dull routine of involuntary confinement for over three and a half thousand people.

“a dream come True Russian! This morning brought us absolutely free: Courvoisier cognac, four bottles of beer, two apples, two oranges, coke, plain water,” — said Popov.

At our request, Sergey Popov — doctor, Professor, dentist from Omsk conducts a video tour of the deserted corridors of the liner: “look, on each floor there are rubber gloves, disinfectant liquid, before going out on the deck, be sure all hands are treated”.

Since the beginning of the quarantine on the liner tested for the virus were 713 people in 218 cases the analysis gave a positive result.

While the ratio of the total number tested for the virus — one in three. Already no one doubts that the cabins on the Diamond Princess does not represent protection against the spread of infection on Board. The official termination date of the quarantine continues February 19.