Obtaining Russian citizenship for Russian speakers is simplified

the First act provides, that the free Russian-speaking citizens of Belarus and Ukraine can be exempt from taking the test-interview on the knowledge of the language. Russian native speakers recognize them if they or their ancestors live permanently or lived earlier in Russia or on territory that belonged to the Soviet Union or the Russian Empire (in present-day Russia).

Photo: Alexander River/TASS Putin instructed to study three procedure for granting citizenship

For this future Russians will need to apply. The procedure of filing will determine the Department (division) of the Ministry of interior on migration in a particular region. Police will also develop uniform criteria for the recognition of foreign citizen or the person without citizenship by native Russian language.

the authors of the law, when he was on the stage of the project, noted that in Russia there is no unified approach to interviewing citizenship applicants. As a rule, the Commission establish how easily a foreigner speaks Russian, conducting testing, and oral interview. And the difference between hard-linking the two words comes from Central Asia and fluent in Russian, Belarusian, no one does.

the Second law changes the time for decision-making on the applications of foreign citizens applying for Russian citizenship in a simplified manner. It will be reduced from six months to three. But it will apply only to aliens who have applied in Russia. Applicants for Russian citizenship, residing abroad, the visa processing time for citizenship will remain the same – 6 months.

the Deadline for making decisions on citizenship will be reduced by half

“It’s certainly not a revolution in the issue on simplified citizenship – the law does notall of the problems associated with the subject of repatriation of our compatriots, but he makes a step in their direction,” – noted in the discussion in the state Duma of the draft law, first Deputy Chairman of the Committee on CIS Affairs, Eurasian integration and relations with compatriots Konstantin Zatulin.