Obkashlyaem questions: pandemic as a means to hypenate, and hay

“Sneeze on competitors. Infected with the coronavirus”. Offer from Novokuznetsk. Whether a joke, or seriously. But clearly now is not the time for such provocations.

Elon Musk will personally invent a vaccine against coronavirus, skyscraper, Donald trump will be the clinic, and scientists prove that dinosaurs were killed COVID-19. This is not news alternative reality, and the stakes are now receiving Russian bookmakers. While the sport quarantined — as a reason for payment dispute using the pandemic.

To the casual observer in this sense, interesting predictions for the development of drugs against the coronavirus. The bookies believe that the who announced the emergence of a working vaccine before the end of this year. Coefficient greater than unity, that is, the probability — 85 percent. However, you can put other less obvious events from the price of buckwheat before the abolition of public examinations.

Here the working principle about the crisis, during which all means of earning money — good. The main thing is to attempt to cash in on the hype — did not go beyond the law. A good example today — from Novokuznetsk. Where there was a very original proposal to eliminate business competitors.

he wanted to Sneeze on your competitors. To understand the is literally. And to sneeze and to nakalat, and even go after the doctors, reporting symptoms, and the circle of contact persons. a Full package of services — 50 000 rubles.

“the police during operatively-search actions have established the identity of the author of the message, they found 21-year-old fitness trainer from Novokuznetsk, he explained that thus wanted to make a joke and attract attention to their page on the website announcements,” said Natalia Maslakova, the employee a press-services GU of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia across the Kemerovo region.

whether the fitness coach, or marketer, a multi-faceted personality. In free from creation dubious ads time, plays the guitar, throw inDOI in the cold, reads poetry and oppression pans.

Obviously, the deformation of the metal young resident of Kuzbass while is better than inventing jokes. Though he admitted that China was never, and just wanted to attract attention, humor no one appreciated. Coveted popularity came from not waiting. About Ruslan now talking to the local division of Rospotrebnadzor and the UK. Only now he Ruslan already no one wants to say no.

But a public apology to the audience, the Investigative Committee Ruslan said, and that’s probably why he still has not apologized. It is so obvious that when the world daily from the coronavirus killed hundreds of people, any jokes about this blasphemy.

“it seems to Me that the man who on March 25, 2020 allows himself this kind of jokes, he’s either mentally handicapped from birth, most likely, either this is a very cynical bastard who must be isolated from society”, — said Armen Gasparyan, a journalist and publicist.

a Joke, not easy outdated, more secondary, such an announcement has already roamed the Internet in early March. Then the author also said about trying to make a joke, as now, a joke of a wider audience are not logged in.

“I deleted because I realized that people can’t take a joke! Now we must not look for blame and scapegoats, while the youngest, a 21 – year-old, as I read, the guy trainer from Novokuznetsk, well, it is because of the coach collapsed the entire health care system” — justified by Andrei Kapitonov, the author of the prank about the infection of the coronavirus competitors.

of Course not. But in times like these, consciousness and humanity, perhaps the most valuable of all qualities, but their absence is certainly not a reason for litigation.

“Yes, of course, the announcement, well, beyond, so to speak. And if he did, it would someone said, it would be a part of it is for criminal damage to property. But in itself, this announcement is no such reportedbar that can, only that message, incur any liability,” he assured Stalin Gurevich’s lawyer.

However, it seems that despite the scare from the hype, the author of the post occurring quite pleased. In the latest “story” from Instagram almost proudly says, first gave an interview to one TV channel, and then called SC. For everything else it seems really sneeze.