the Number of occupied beds over the last week has decreased on 18,7%, and for almost a month 36.1%, of which the number of occupied beds with a ventilator – by 32.3%.

Despite the removal of restrictions in various spheres of urban economy, the average number of occupied beds with a ventilator for the last week decreased by 9% compared to the previous one.

the Number of severe and very severe patients remains low, a month their number decreased by 24,7%.

the Average rate of growth of new cases COVID-19 for two calendar weeks as at 2 August in Moscow is 0.26. The epidemiological situation in the city is stable.

the Incidence of community-acquired pneumonia has decreased over the month by more than half. Due to the publicly available PCR test in Moscow increased coverage of testing. Has changed not only the quantity but also the composition – free recording analysis allows to identify more asymptomatic carriers.

Despite the increase in coverage of tests for the coronavirus, the number of new cases remains low. Over the past week tested 511 308 people, of whom only 1.5% have confirmed the disease.

the Number of deaths from the coronavirus is also reduced – over the last week it has decreased by 34% compared to the previous one, but in the past month by 55%.