The production company of the Obama’s, Higher Ground Productions, is working on an adaptation of the book “Increased risk” of the author Michael Lewis about the Trump-government, such as the Video-streaming service announced on Tuesday.

In the book, the best-selling author describes how to start, like a completely unprepared Trump the President, as he is interested only moderately for the reports of his staff and authorities posts with unqualified staff.

Netflix had announced in may 2018, the cooperation with the Obama’s. Their production company, Higher Ground Productions, is also working on the filming of a project, the newspaper “New York Times”, “Overlooked”, such as Netflix on Tuesday announced.

it is a question of obituaries to the Deceased, whose death was initially no public attention – mostly because it’s women or Black. It is also planned a Film about Frederick Douglass, a former slave who campaigned for the abolition of slavery.