The leadership of the United States has no idea of the consequences of their actions during a pandemic, said the 44th US President Barack Obama.

In particular, the former occupant of the White house criticized the current government for seeking short term profit and disregard. Their point of view on what is happening in the country, he said during a video message to the graduates of the senior classes.

This pandemic more than anything else, completely and finally refuted the notion that many managers are aware of what they are doing. Many of those don’t even pretend to answer for anything, Obama said.

After the expiration of his term and before the pandemic coronavirus Barack Obama avoided public criticism of the current US leader Donald trump and his administration, the NYT notes.

Wrote earlier, ex-US President Barack Obama on may 10, gave an unflattering assessment of the actions of the current head of state Donald trump to combat coronavirus. He called the American leader “chaotic disaster”. My opinion, Obama allegedly expressed in a closed telephone conversation with some former White house staff