Odense grass should not be walked, says the municipality, and consequently the OB’s syllabus in the sink.

the Municipality of Odense has a prohibition against that OB’s superligaspillere resume training at the municipal courses.

the OB-the squad was otherwise ready to go on the grass, after the divisions ‘ organization issued new recommendations for how clubs must relate under the coronakrisen.

In the new recommendations open the one that the players can train together in small groups of maximum eight persons at a time, which includes both players and coaches.

But when Odense Municipality was familiar with OB’s plans, stressed over for the club, to all of the municipality’s sport and leisure facilities are closed until 13. april.

– It should be stressed that there must not be soccer practice on boldbanerne, it applies to all clubs, and it is OB’s league also informed about. They have taken note of this and stopped the training again, according to the SportFyn in a municipal e-mail.

OB owner not even its tutorial levels and is therefore dependent on the green light from the municipality to embark on the grass in the funen capital.

On its website, confirming the OB on Wednesday afternoon that it right now is not possible to train on the local tracks.

– We accept the municipality’s injunction, which brings the club and our players in a new situation, which we now take note of this.

Later Wednesday evening, adds the OB, to the players in the extension of this is sent home.

– This causes now that the OB is sending the players home on a salary from today. The club must not send the workouts longer, and there is also no option for treatment, it sounds on OB’s website.