After selvtrænet in almost two weeks, the OB-the players once again look forward to meet in between.

While several superligaklubber in the last week have sent all the players home without the requirement to work, so go OB a bit in the other direction.

12. march was all OB’s players sent home with the message, only to selvtræne, but on Tuesday informs the club on its website that it will now let the players work out together in small groups.

On its website, writing OB:

– Training takes place on a closed area of the Red Star lines, where there is plenty of space and closed to the public.

– There are locked before, during, and after training, and hence reduced smittefaren considerably in relation to running along the river, in Munkemose or other public places.

in Addition, the players arrive one by one, be ready at your arrival, have your own water bottle and only be five total at a time, and must stand at least two metres from each other.

these are some of the rules that players must adhere to when they meet for training.

OB writes that you have consulted both the club’s lægestab as well as the organization of division on the measure. And to they studied the health authorities ‘ instructions thoroughly.

the Club also writes that if there are new instructions from the health authorities, will immediately comply with the new council.

chelsea FC is among the clubs, which also lets players train in small groups.