There are various reasons, why not simply buy a normal Wireless speaker. For example, because you want to use as little Bluetooth devices as possible, and this function on the phone turned off. Or, one other player uses continuous re-sources, and doesn’t want this pair all the time.

of Course you can also play with the Smartphone itself music. Some devices even have quite acceptable Sound. However, a lot of volume at the small speakers in the phone housing.

The Bento speaker of Oaxis delivers a lot more as to Sound. Although not quite as loud and bass-heavy as a similar sized normal Bluetooth boxes, but with significantly more volume and raumfüllenderem sound.

The operation is very easy. If you switch Bento and it puts the Smartphone above. No matter what sounds from the phone speakers, the sound will be recorded with induction technology and significantly strengthened. The volume regulates on your mobile phone.

Sound very okay, excellent for calls.

The Test shows: it is Important that the Speaker of the phone is directly over a specific area of the Bento is separated with a dash. Depending on the design, you can move the device a little, so that the quality is even better. Sometimes, if the output signal is already very bass-heavy, is also worth a small distance.

Because sometimes the bass roll a bit, if the output power is in the low very strong. But only if you want full volume. The battery lasts for about ten hours.

For music, the System of Oaxis is quite usable and provides a much better quality than the cell phone alone. Even more astounding was the effect on telephone conversations. Is the caller loud and clear through the speaker. And the Person on the other end of the line also has no problems with feedback.

For a quick and easy telephone conferences of the speakers of Bento so well. Also, because you have to connect to anything, or needs to be paired to, but just place the Smartphone on the speaker switch and the device on the Box.

The Oaxis Bento does what he promises. It amplifies the speaker Sound of the phone wirelessly, but without Bluetooth or Wi – Fi connection. And the quality is quite alright, especially because the device currently costs just 30 francs, about It’s a pity only, that the phone is not charging also even wireless.