Actually, you have said it well. Drummer Taylor Hawkings (47) admitted during the show his Band Foo Fighters at the Festival in Reading (UK) as a huge Oasis Fan. “Eventually, we will get you back”, dreamed of the musicians during the Gigs. “We start a Petition for a Comeback.” His words to underline, he had attached to his drum set, with a picture of Liam (46) and Noel Gallagher (52). And also front-man Dave Grohl (50) received to his question, whether the English Rock legends back to the loud cheers of excitement to come. “We’ll try,” promised the rock star.

But the attempt went in the pants. Because Ex-Oasis-head Noel Gallagher thinks of the action of the Foo Fighters, nothing – and this is reflected in his usual way. “Signed and have the Petition for Oasis?”, he asked, according to the “Daily Star” at a concert in San Diego the audience. Just to fire then against Dave Grohl: “When the drummer from Nirvana, Oasis wants back, he can come here on the stage and suck my cock.” But that’s not enough: “I start a Petition that the Foo Fighters resolve.”

reconciliation of the Gallagher brothers remains a dream

That an Oasis Reunion may have to stay for a while a dream would have to be Hawkins and Grohl actually clear. Because the founders Liam and Noel Gallagher have been estranged for years hopelessly. Singer Liam quipped, only a few days before the appearance of the Foo Fighters once more on Twitter against his guitarist-brother, as this was announced, that he was not averse to an Oasis Musical. “”Oasis — The Musical”: Five guys from Manchester to start a Band and conquer the world. The one who writes the Songs, turns into a massive asshole, not out throwing every down to his little brother, because he has the balls to do it, and dissolves the Band. There’s your plot.” (klm)