In the United States is preparing to publish a book by former national security adviser John Bolton “the Room where it happened: memories of the White house.” According to the publisher, the book also contains sharp criticism of President Donald trump.

the New York Times has got the memoirs at his disposal. According to her, Bolton talks about some of the incidents that occurred with the President of the United States. So, for example, trump questioned whether Finland is part of Russia. Also, says Bolton, the us leader apparently did not know that the UK is a nuclear power, RIA Novosti reported.

Previously leaked excerpts from the book of former Advisor has already managed to provoke a political scandal in Washington. For example, Bolton told me that the White house had in fact been detained military assistance to Ukraine, expecting in exchange for her political services in the form of investigations against her opponent, Joe Biden..

the other day trump said that he considers “highly inappropriate” the plans of Bolton to publish my book. The U.S. government intends to insist on banning the publication. The basic argument of the Ministry of justice indicates that the secrecy of the information which had Bolton in his role as Advisor. However, the author was confident that was removed from the memoirs of all the data that can be classified, and intends to publish the manuscript at the end of June, even if the White house is against it.