Nvidia and Yandex will help companies quickly implement artificial intelligence

Platform “Yandex.The cloud” in conjunction with the Nvidia open for Russian companies library applications of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, said in a statement companies.

the Library is called the NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC) contains more than 80 applications of artificial intelligence, machine learning, neural networks and high performance computing (HPC). Access to the library is free. All apps optimized for maximum performance with NVIDIA graphics processors.

the Decision promises to increase the efficiency of cloud computing on graphics processors (GPU) and to provide a significant increase in the productivity of the developers of machine learning models that will save up to 30% in developing AI solutions and reduce the time of their implementation from weeks to hours. Themselves NVIDIA TESLA V100 available to users “Yandex.Clouds” from the end of last year.

Investments of Yandex in the development of GPU-infrastructure already amounted to more than $ 5 million. According to the company, within 3 years we plan to invest at least another $ 40 million to make the AI simple and inexpensive tool for mass application in all industries. If the company sees that the demand will grow even faster, then the investment will be increased.

Russian companies can apply cloud-based applications for the solution of applied business tasks: building Recommender systems, optimized inventory management, optical monitoring of the process of traffic management in smart cities, development of various applications and systems based on computer vision.

the application Library to work with AI and machine learning could help to create new products and services in different topical areas, including saneupravliiaemyi cars, genetic analysis and medical research, augmented and virtual reality. For example, the application software is Parabricks, which is used by researchers Covid-19. FOR Parabricks for genomic analysis based on a popular set of tools Genome Analysis and performs calculations on graphics cards, speeding up data analysis by up to 50 times. NVIDIA provides free 90-day license for Parabricks all researchers of the novel coronavirus.

Investing in the Russian market of artificial intelligence can double by 2023, according to a study by IDC. The majority of respondents (70%) companies from various sectors of the economy are ready to start implementing solutions based on artificial intelligence for two years, more than 80% of study participants plan to reduce costs and increase productivity in the business processes through cognitive technologies and AI systems.