Nutri-Score ?
FAH : Nutri-Score has more gradations than previous lights, which were discussed in Switzerland. But the weakness remains: There is still a strong simplification. So, for example, a rating of energy from carbohydrates negative.

The power says nothing about the degree of processing and the composition of the density alone. Unprocessed nuts, and olive oil worked, for example, have a lot of calories, but they are beneficial to health. However, a highly processed food – with dried fruit, dietary fibre and protein – good Nutri-Score to achieve, even if it is diet is technically an inferior product.

I am skeptical, if such reviews of the food groups. They fear that the consumers of the products without good traffic light assessment of critical questioning and avoid, hope, conversely perhaps, that after the assessment of their own as a healthy rated product, more sales.

The most useful would be to forget the grading of foods, and to consume less processed products, or, that the legislature compels producers to the recipe to adapt. I appreciate it that the Switzerland is awaiting in this issue.

A grade, but also, taxation leads to the fact that the manufacturers change the formulations. You use less salt, maybe, but more artificial sweeteners. A grading in the green area means but not automatically, that a product is healthy – especially in the case of processed products.