Berendrecht-Zandvliet-Lillo – < / P> Spoedverpleger, Erik, De Vadder, from Berendrecht, had it for several months, and it was very well thought of. As of april 1, he would be a career move to another employer. But for now, the coronacrisis plenty of the current one feels like it’s in front of him as if he were his patients, and colleagues to leave you alone. The Publication are going to be looking at the heroes in the vicinity of the coronacrisis. So, we bring you the story of the people, the warmth, support and care at this special time.

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It was eating away so much of him, and that his new employer was proposing to make some weeks or even months in the emergency department to keep up. They are now more urgent.

for More about Heroes of the solar corona) and Tim (42) in the drive each and every day with fresh fruits and vegetables to the grocery store: “I am a hero to him, a few months back, “the cowboy of the road” a Survivor of the terrorist attack want to photo-shoot on coronacrisis:’ The imaging that we will not be in the news, and to see the” Beer makes a rubbing alcohol for the medical profession: “It means that the process running”, These teachers are still in school… and beschermingsmaskers to them: “We want to do our bit to contribute to it