Iggy Azalea (28) was the victim of a hacker. At the weekend, pictures of the rapper in the network and Hater spread naked flooded the Instagram-comment column of the musician with explicit Posts. On your Twitter profile that has it disabled now, as her Instagram page, talks Iggy Azalea to the Leak of the Nude photos.

she explains that the photos of 2016 created on a shoot with the magazine “GQ” and not for publication were meant to be. In the pictures you should be able to see, according to US media with bare Breasts. Iggy Azalea writes that she had felt actually very good and no concerns had, for the magazine in front of the camera.

no one would have the photos

allowed to keep “I never gave my consent for Topless pictures for publication release. I have not so understood that “GQ” published the pictures.” And further: “There was no reason for someone to keep these images after the photo shoot. I am surprised and angry that they were not deleted immediately after the final photos have been selected.”

“Today I am a Ball of negative emotions. I feel overwhelmed, ashamed, angry, sad, hurt. Not only because I have not given my consent – but also because of the hideous way people have reacted,” writes of the “Fancy”Star in the now-deleted Twitter Post. Especially the comments from men who “shared their thoughts and fantasies, what relates to my body”, would have upset the rapper.

comments, remove Nausea from

“The vile comments of the people are overwhelming and trigger my nausea. If you were ever humiliated in front of your family and the people who are important to you, you can understand, perhaps, what I, the Australian musician writes’m going through”, more. “It’s like a nuclear bomb, it explodes, and you not only emotionally destroyed, but a path of destruction in your personal life leaves behind.”

The photographer Nino Munoz, who took a photo of the rapper in 2016 for “GQ” wrote in Instagram that his photos were stolen and without his permission, have been published: “I am except me, and I will not rest until justice is done.” Iggy Azalea now wants to take legal action against the Person who published the photos. (kad)