the Background is bemanningsmessige challenges in NRK Troms and Finnmark, mainly as a result of koronasituasjonen.

like many others have also NRK-employees has been put in hjemmekarantene, or has children that need to be taken extra care of now that schools and kindergartens are closed.

Several of our employees are located at the home office, precisely in order to prevent infection between each other and on the way put large parts of the newsroom out of the game.

the Sum of this means that we must take some grip, to protect our operational power and maintain a good nyhetstilbud for the audience in a difficult time.

the Merger will make us better able to prioritize nyhetsproduksjonen to the network. We’ll also have more room to go in depth on the special situation the country finds itself in right now, which is at the core of the criticism the role of the media has.

Paired CHANNELS transmissions in North-Norway is not a permanent measure, but an assessment of NRK are doing from week to week, based on the bemanningsmessige the situation we are in now with koronapandemien.

Presenter Ole Marius Hågensen Rørstad is a well-known TV faces in Nordland. The last week he has also given us the news from the county of Troms, Finnmark and Svalbard.

Photo: Oliver Rønning / NRK Common ettermiddagssendinger on the radio

In addition to merged TV broadcasts in Northern Norway has NRK Troms and Finnmark common ettermiddagssendinger on the P1 this and next week.

This week we broadcast from Tromsø, while the next week, we will send from Alta. The rationale for the merger of radiosendingene in the afternoon is the same as that of the common TV broadcast.

NRK is a part of kriseberedskapen in Norway, among other things, by the fact that the P1 is the country’s beredskapskanal. It makes the fact that NRK has a responsibility to ensure that one is able to perform nyhetsoppdraget her, and make sure that news and information reaches out to the population.

Morgensendingene on P1 in both Troms and Finnmark are important channels for the public to update themselves on the local news about what happens in their respective regions. These transmissions are not affected and will proceed normally, both in the county of Troms and in Finnmark.