at the beginning of week LOOK reported, as in the case of elections to the national Council for attractive list of courses is geschachert: if you want to stand up, it would have to cost a lot of money to the party and the Canton of up to 5000 francs, and in the case of successful choice part in addition to a-rod money deliver: in some cases, up to 35’000 Swiss francs!

These expenses, however, are only part of the expensive story of how two politicians are now transparent. On the one hand, four years ago, newly elected Ausserrhoden, SVP national councillor David Zuber Buhler (40) makes for a VIEW of its whole cost to the public. Full transparency on the other hand, the Basler Green national councillor Sibel Arslan (38): they shall disclose the Budget and cost accounting of the Alliance’s Green Basta for the national Council elections in 2015. This contested with four new Mitkandidaten.

making bühler’s election campaign, at a cost of 60’000 Swiss francs

a Total of Zuber Buhler 60’000 Swiss francs. Around 10’000 Swiss francs for fees of photographers and graphic designers for the printing of posters, postcards, and flyers, as well as for the shipping of the same. The other half of the expenditure went for another poster costs, and ads to it, as well as for the action, “Zubi bi de Lüt”, for which he needed a vehicle, booth fees, advertising and paid articles.

For the list space on the national Council list of SVP politicians had to pay nothing. “As elected officials, I admit, but every year 5000 Swiss francs to the party,” said the businessman in the Shoe trade. He also had to assure 20’000 Swiss francs of the cost – the other two-thirds took on the party and the donor.

Arslan shared the cost of 90’000 Swiss francs, with four candidates,

Sibel Arslan your list got space also for free – at the Basler Green, with Arlan’s Basel’s Strong Alternative (BastA) in 2015, an Alliance was entered, the order on the lists alphabetically. Your personal expenses are around 1000 francs low. The lawyer must be paid, however, to deliver annually, 8000 francs to the Green party in Switzerland, one of the group, as well as per year, 10 percent of their taxable income, minus the 8000 francs – to the Green Alliance, Basel, Switzerland.

the Total cost of the campaign of Arslan around 23’000 Swiss francs. That’s the equivalent of one-fifth of the 115’000 Swiss francs, issued by the Alliance for Green Basta for all five candidates.

The largest Item of the shared budget, work with 18’000 Swiss francs for the Graphics, as well as about 15’000 francs for a choice of newspaper. “We candidates did not know that we have so many financial resources. But behind us, a lot of people who believed in us and actively supported”, the national councillor.

Other people had to pay more than Arslan and Zuberbühler: Thierry Burkart (43), 2015 selected FDP national councillor from the Canton Aargau, confirmed to BLICK that he has collected 80’000 Swiss francs for his campaign and spent. “I have paid 3000 francs for the list of course, the bonus of my cantonal party in the amount of 7000 francs.”

Only the time spent immersed in any Budget

The largest, if the unpaid contribution of the candidate for the time invested. “In the framework of the “Zubi bi de Lüt” I visited countless occasions in the whole of the Canton,” says Zuberbühler. On the way he was with his Zubi-mobile – a Piaggio including a dispenser with Herisauer beer. Various panel discussions and media appearances.

Arslan was during the election campaign, almost every weekend to street actions and events. “In addition, the migration clubs had invited us in Basel on a regular basis, so they could learn more about our objectives and policy priorities and at the same time your wish to Deposit.” In addition, to the best of Arslan rode also podium – and media appearances – also in Turkish.