Although the early birds outside, the streets are almost deserted in what should have been ettermiddagsrush in the united STATES. It is a pressure atmosphere in the nation’s capital.

According to the website the total number of people who have been infected by koronaviruset in the united STATES now gone past China. Over 80,000 people have been registered as infected and the numbers are increasing rapidly every single day.

Now the shouts health professionals throughout the united STATES varsko.

– What we start to see among the health professionals in the united STATES is our biggest migraine. It is a fact that we don’t have enough smittevernsutstyr, ” says Dr. James Phillips, chief at the Disaster and Operational Medicine at the renowned George Washington University Hospital in Washington D. C to CNN.

Video: Donald Trump holds his daily press conference soon after the country has confirmed the most koronasmitta in the world. You need javascript to see the video.

Video: Donald Trump holds his daily press conference soon after the country has confirmed the most koronasmitta in the world.

All of which leaves the New York have quarantined

New York has become the epicenter of the pandemic in the united STATES and accounts for approximately half of the registered smittetilfellene in the country. Daily holding governor Andrew Cuomo to his press conferences where he warns about the lack of bunks and smittevernutstyr.

Those who do not is korona patients are normally on pustemaskiner in 3-4 days. Koronapasienter is on pustemaskiner in 11-21 days. Think about it, ” he says and estimates that New York will reach the top of around three weeks.

People standing in line to test themselves in New York city today.

Photo: Lars Os / NRK

Recently, all that travel from the metropolis asked to go into quarantine for 14 days after to have been there. One of the counselors to president Donald Trump, dr. Anthony Fauci now says other places in the united STATES must prepare themselves for the conditions in New York:

– What we see already, and we expect more, is an increase of cases as they attempt to deal locally with the help from the federal government, when it comes to beds, intensivplasser and pustemaskiner, ” he says to NPR.

Highest arbeidsledighetsøkning in american history

Around half of the american states has asked its citizens stay at home.

the national guard is set in New York, California and Washington. In states like Louisiana and Michigan increases smittetallene quickly.

Several places in the united STATES cry health professionals varsko about the lack of smittevernutstyr.

Photo: Lars Os / NRK

Thursday also saw the weekly reports of unemployment in the united STATES. They show that a record high of 3.3 million americans filed for arbeidsledighetsforsikring last week.