Instead of applause as the day before and was welcomed by the Federal Council last Friday in Stans NW of sour faces and clear words. The Nidwalden took the visit of the Federal Council in the framework of the traditional “Schulreislis” to the occasion, to make their Anger over the display of the foreign Department against the aircraft manufacturer, Pilatus air. “The Federal government in Bern destroyed jobs” on Transparent, which held a group of protesters in the height.

SVP is “deeply concerned”

Also in the case of the SVP, the decision of the foreign Department (EDA) of the FDP Federal councillor Ignazio Cassis (58) provides for red heads. This has prohibited to Pilate, to continue to provide technical Support to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a PC provided 21 training aircraft.

From the point of view of the SVP, a decision with fatal consequences. The party has written a letter to the Federal Council, calling on the government to correct the decision, in order not to endanger jobs in the export sector. The Newspapers of the “CH Media reports”.

The SVP wants to make the letter, addressed to a party colleague and Federal President Ueli Maurer, is not open to the public. VIEW the Letter is but. It was “deeply concerned” how the EDA interpreting the mercenary act and expanding, it means it. It was never the intention that the law prohibits such services.

“This is deadly for a company,”

The SVP asks a series of questions to the Federal Council. Among other things, whether the approach of the full Federal Council was discussed and whether or not the Pilatus works in the run-up to the decision, the conversation sought had been. In addition, you want to know whether the Federal Council is aware, the scope of the decision in respect of the affected jobs. The SVP is concerned that’s why Posts are deleted.

The party calls on Mason to take the issue of in-Wattenwyl-talks of the Federal Council with the party leaders at the end of August on the agenda. Have signed the letter to party President Albert Rösti (51) and group chief Thomas Aeschi (40).

The mercenary law was explicitly directed against foreign companies in Switzerland, established or intend to establish themselves and engage in acts of war, the cantonal SVP national Peter Keller (48). “Now, officials and lawyers to make a law against mercenary company an “Anti-Pilate-law”” him in the living room. “That was not the will of the councils in 2013, and no speech in the debate was.”

The EDA force Pilate to the contractual fragility. “This is deadly for a company,” he says.

Pilate draws decision more

Pilate had sold to the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia before ten or seven years, a total of 80 PC-21 Training aircraft. The state Secretariat for economic Affairs (Seco) had approved the Export at the time, based on the goods control act.

Now, however, the Department of foreign Affairs has decided that the maintenance failed to work on the machines supplied against the mercenaries of the law. Since 2015, a Saudi Arabia-led military Alliance, which also includes the UAE’s fight in Yemen the war on the side of the government troops against Huthi rebels.

The training aircraft, Pilatus does not come with the air shock to use. However, the maintenance work would be contrary to the objectives of Swiss foreign policy, it is the Argument of Cassis,’ the Department of foreign Affairs.

Pilate does not want to accept the decision and pulls the case before the Federal administrative court. Sales and Support are closely linked, and why the decision of the Federal ban, in fact, get an export, the same as Pilate. Pilate-President Oscar J. Schwenk warned that around 1000 jobs could be lost due to the EDA-decision in Switzerland.