It happened on Wednesday in Training. FCB-players Zdravko Kuzmanovic comes in to the Sprint, and tears arising without external influence, a part of the left Achilles tendon. Bad news for the veteran, the career-threatening at the end! Because his contract expires in June 2020. And because it tendons of the third-Achilles-injury in the past five years.

hope is a man who has ripped already, the Achilles tendon, but now is back on the Soccer field: Aarau defender Nicolas Schindelholz (31). The is almost the same age as Kuzmanovic and believes that the Central midfielder will return to the turf: “Zdravko mentally strong enough to handle the Whole thing. If the rehab is successful, he will come as fit out.”

The first two weeks were hard, shingle-wood. “Because you don’t have to handle it with the team can train and the Whole thing only once.” The Achilles tendon tear he can still remember exactly: “There is a Bang and you realize that something is good. The foot hangs, you can’t run anymore. The pain is however bearable.” Eight months of the shingle wood is at the time, now he can feel the injury but barely: “The elasticity is slightly different, but this will not affect me playing Football.”

Whether Kuzmanovic can kick without complaints at the highest level? In his first Achilles tendon injury three years ago, he is missing 288 days, missed almost the entire season, was also in the subsequent seasons from time to time. Overall, Kuzmanovic missed in the past 5 years, 87 (!) Games due to injury.

he fought back afterwards. Also this Time? Or short use the 3:0 victory against Lucerne will remain at the end of September will be his last game at the professional level?