Number of admissions with coronasmittede fall for the second day in a row and has been stable all week.

There continues to be more coronasmittede danes, who die with the virus.

the Number of dead is Friday at 139. This is an increase from 123 in Thursday’s statement. It informs the Statens Serum Institut.

the Inventory counts all deaths up to and including 8 o’clock Friday morning.

Even if there were 139 deaths with the coronasmittede, need the virus to be the cause of death.

For that one death included in the statistics, should the infected person have lost their lives, no later than 30 days after the person tested positive.

While the number of deaths is increasing, decreases the number of admissions for the second day in a row. Friday is 517 coronasmittede hospitalized in the country’s hospitals.

For the first time during coronaudbruddet is the number of patients in the icu decreased. Friday, there are 143 icu patients. It is ten fewer than Thursday.

at the same time, the number of patients in the respirator decreased to 116 from 138, but it is due to technique, since the hospitals in Region Zealand and the Capital Region of denmark used to have a different inventory than the other regions.

Earlier, the two regions virtually all patients with corona, at one time or another has been in the respirator, with in the inventory.

in the Future is counted only patients who actually are in the respirator. It explains the decrease from Thursday to Friday.

Among the 139 deaths are 93 men and 46 women, and the vast, vast majority have been persons over 70 years.

84 percent of the dead have within the last five years been hospitalized with a serious illness such as diabetes, cancer, chronic lung diseases, cardiovascular diseases or blood disorders.