Eintracht Frankfurt’s fan favorite Martin Hinteregger has now publicly admitted that the club is said to have suggested a change to him in the fall. But now there seems to have been a rethink.

Departure: Over the past season there has been speculation about a possible sale of Eintracht Frankfurt’s cult kicker Martin Hinteregger. Now the 29-year-old has confirmed this in an interview with the “Krone”: “I was told in late autumn and between the quarter-final games against Barcelona that I should go in the summer. Something that hit him a lot. This year a lot broke up,” says Hinteregger.

New perspective: But apparently, according to information from “Bild”, there has been a rethink in Frankfurt. Hinteregger should now fulfill his contract until 2024. A fact that surprised him too. “I’m surprised at the club’s U-turn that I should stay. I certainly don’t want to miss out on the Champions League with these fans,” says Hinteregger.

Money shortage: In April, the “Bild” reported on a possible sale, as the club urgently needs money via transfers due to the Corona crisis. With the victory in the Europa League and the participation in the Champions League, the Hessians are guaranteed an income of 50 million euros.

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