Climate protection activists of the “last generation” stuck themselves on a main access road to Mainz in temperatures around freezing on Friday morning. One activist was stuck to the asphalt so firmly that construction workers had to cut open the area around their fingers with a hammer drill.

The 38-year-old climate adhesive presented his flexed concrete hand on Twitter and was ridiculed. “This King just looks like a new villain from Spider-Man,” commented one user. “Oh, now also pavement stealing. Well, it’s for a good cause,” another. “What was that stuff that stuck to itself and couldn’t get your hand off. Something has to stick here and it doesn’t last,” jokes another.

He had fixed himself with special glue, allegedly a mixture of sand and superglue. Apparently, his hand was stuck so firmly to the asphalt that the police could not remove it from the road with solvent. Therefore, the city’s construction workers had to flex up the asphalt around the hand and cut open the area around the fingers with a hammer drill. The road was repaired immediately afterwards.

According to “SWR”, it is being checked whether the climate adhesives will be charged for the damage caused. According to media reports, the action was legally classified as an assembly by the assembly authority of the city of Mainz. Because the blockade action prevented road users from continuing to drive, criminal proceedings were initiated against the climate adhesive for coercion.

MEP Eva Kaili, who has been arrested on corruption charges, has been dismissed as Vice-President of the European Parliament. Parliament President Roberta Metsola revoked the 44-year-old “with immediate effect from all powers, duties and tasks” as her deputy.

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