This is going from bad to worse between Laura (27) Now, (30), in the Blind, are married, . That last one takes even a moment away from his wife, “to see if any of the loss causes”, he says, all . In the interview, also go back to their last time together. “A hug, and there is really not an option.”

They are young and energetic, and it seemed to be pretty good for you to click between Now and the Laura, but in the last episodes, there are still a significant crack in their marriage came to be. And therefore, Now, moment, of, Laura. He left their shared home for a long time.

“mind you, I still want to move forward in this relationship,” he says, all . “But, such as it was, it wouldn’t work out. In a day or two of each other, seemed to me to be a good idea to have that sense of loss on waking. As it is normal at the beginning of a relationship. You are on a date and at a time just so that you are looking forward to get together again. For us, this means that the “reset” button is pressed.”

with The departure of Sonny was a good time. There seemed to be even arguing it in the air. “That was not the case, however, there were a few great moments to build on. Ok, one last hug, and there, at that moment, not really. It was the same in both.”
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