used by the former “mirror”Reporter and reports-forger Claas Relotius also donate funds for a private to make a donation instead to the orphan children?

This is a question many asked themselves, because the trust in Relotius was gone. Before Christmas, the renowned German “Spiegel”magazine in shock, had to reveal the way that a Reporter invented the whole reports. Including those two alleged Syrian war refugee children.

Many readers wanted to donate to the two children of money. Relotius offered them to collect the money on his private account, and forward. Since you know that this article of the imagination was sprung, one wonders: Has he bagged the donations for themselves in private?

lawyer talks you hear now, not from Relotius itself – but from his lawyer. He confirmed His mandate, has collected funds. And he has kept the readers of “the Illusion of the real existence of the described Geschwisterpaars”.

But: “at no time did he intend, however, to donate themselves to the club. Such use is also is never.” Instead, Relotius to have the donations (about 7000 Euro) of its own money on 9,000 euros increased. The amount he had at 26. October 2016, the Diakonie katastrophenhilfe for a project to support war-volatile children in Iraq (“Suleimaniyah”) transferred.

he Shows remorse?

The lawyer was Relotius, as he would show remorse: “He became aware of the fact that he has added to this the Reputation of the “mirror” and the press, a total of heavy damage. He deeply regrets this and will make every effort to limit the damage as far as possible.”

he Also denies that Relotius wanted to play with his Do the political forces in the hands, the use of his false reports as a “proof for the existence of an alleged ‘lies press’ in Germany”. (pma)