Novosibirsk physicists will make coal environmentally friendly

Novosibirsk scientists are planning to make coal environmentally friendly. It is therefore proposed to irradiate the formation. About such non-trivial solution of actual problems of physics told GTRK “Novosibirsk”.

for many years the specialists of SB RAS has been subjected to various radiation technologies at the electron accelerator ILU-6. One of them was sterilization of medical devices. Today, this is no surprise ─ this method has acquired an industrial scale. Now physicists want to do the same available for another technology ─ the exposure of coal electrons.

Its essence lies in the fact that the molecules are subjected to bombardment with the electron beam. It helps break the stable chemical bonds and to determine the composition of coal liquid hydrocarbons which are valuable raw materials in oil refining. They are used in the production of plastics, graphite, and oils. Moreover, due to the electron irradiation, the coal is cleaned. Accordingly, combustion will be allocated significantly fewer carcinogens.

“Remains clean breed, which can be used as fuel giving less amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere”, ─ said the senior researcher of the Institute of nuclear physics SB RAS Mikhail Korobeinikov.

In the future this technique can help in the fight against “black sky” in large cities, polluted by various emissions, including from coal fuel. In addition to environmental effect is also energy – “clean coal” will highlight more heat.

Note that the radiation treatment is expensive technology, and its implementation does not require large capital investments. But when it comes to the health of people, any costs are justified. Moreover, the lifetime of the equipment private up to 50 years, so as a rule, all the investments pay off.

For their experiments, scientists use coal mined in the Kaa-Khem Deposit in Tuva. The researchers claim that it is possible to irradiate a variety of minerals ─ ores of nonferrous and ferrous metals, oil. Physicists say that their work is “future technology” and are ready to submit it to the market in a few years.

Text: GTRK “Novosibirsk”