the hood of The black Volvo 244 (built in 1984) is suppressed after the head-on Crash with the truck to the driver’s compartment completely. It is a wonder that novice drivers Felix G.* (19) from the district of Bremgarten AG has survived this accident in nettle Creek AG.

“My son had a great guardian angel. I’m so glad he’s still alive,” says the mother of the young car driver’s VIEW. Happened to the Horror Crash on Monday. Felix G. wants to drive the old Volvo to his grandmother. “It was the car of me and my friend,” said his mother.

“I had a Blackout,”

Shortly after 13.30 it happens – outside town on the road in the direction of Bremgarten. Suddenly, Felix G. device with the Volvo, according to police “continuously on the oncoming lane”. His mother and his grandfather, spoke to the VIEW, says the skilled merchant, later: “I can’t remember why. I had a Blackout.”

Was asleep, Felix G. at the wheel? Or he’s fumbled maybe on to something? “On the phone, he’s not”, so his mother was safe. What is certain is that The Volvo slams police “violently with an oncoming truck” and caused a property damage of 15’000 Swiss francs.

Volvo had no Airbags

While the truck driver unharmed, Felix G. means severely injured and must be transported in an ambulance to a hospital. “He had luckily only a concussion, injuries to the Ribs and an Arm,” said his mother. She is convinced: “There is just nothing worse happened, because it was an old car – with a stable driver cell.” You don’t even want to think what would have happened if Felix would have been, for example, with a new, small car. Incredible also: “The old Volvo had the Airbags not,” said the mother.

the ticket on the spot

Felix G., who was wearing a seat belt, apparently, and probably not through the windshield threw, removed himself would like to say publicly anything about the accident. The police are investigating and there is a case against him to be running now. In addition, the novice drivers the driving licence, he had only been a few weeks, was accepted on the spot.

not answered During the employer of the affected driver of a request of a VIEW, breathes the mother of Felix: “We are all just glad that nothing worse happened.”

* the Name has been changed