The investors are a bit skeptical, but the equality Ombudsman cheer may. Novartis puts a woman at the top of the by far strongest sales division of the group. The new pharmaceutical boss, called Marie-France Tschudin, is 47 years old, is Swiss and the mother of two children aged five and six years.

This is the right recipe for equality. Because in the West she is the perfect role model for women who combine career and family, and in spite of children, career want to make. Tschudin has got everything under one hat. The Manager speaks six languages, has studied in the United States and the cadre IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Big Pharma experience

The pharmaceutical business, the French native, who lives with her husband and children in Lausanne, of the Pike on learned. As the NZZ writes, she began her career as a field service assistant for a Swiss pharmaceutical company in Portugal. Before 2017 Novartis, she gained ten years of leadership experience at pharmaceutical company Celgene. And now is your Chance, as predecessor Paul Hudson (51) changes as a group chief to the Novartis-competition Sanofi to Paris.

Novartis chief Vas Narasimhan (43) speaks in the highest terms of the new Pharma boss: “Marie-France has performed in the past, commercial excellence and promoted.” In addition, he stresses that you will bring to the business line “new and diverse perspectives”.

New management culture

The new Pharma boss says, in the best PR-Slang, she wanted to think “the medicine, together with the employees for as many people as possible new”. Tschudin is a new corporate culture in the case of Novartis, which focuses on large self-employment of the employees.

This change in culture is also shown in the reconciliation of work and family: 1. July men the pharmaceutical giant in Switzerland, a paid paternity leave of 18 weeks. It is called Parental leave and also applies to both sexes. Both parents work at Novartis, the group assumes the full cost.