That VIEW put down payments to Physicians and organizations, that did not like it all. Especially Novartis criticized a part of the report as “incorrect, biased and untrustworthy”. Novartis published, the corresponding data is complete, writes company spokesman Satoshi Sugimoto.

in fact, Novartis boasts for a few years, whether its transparency and is not afraid of self-mortification. To be published in the transparency report, in how many cases, employees performance demonstrably proves a false guilty of a lid (951 Times), how much CO2-emissions, the company caused (401’280 tons), and also in the case of payments to Physicians and organizations, the Basel group calls for rigorous transparency: money is only who agrees that his data will be published.

document for machine-unreadable

But starting to cloud the transparency Credo. Unlike other Pharmaceutical giants such as Roche, Novartis released the payments as a sortable Excel spreadsheet, but as a 114-page PDF. In addition, the document for the machines was made illegible. The interested reader will not only use inconclusive the search function, the data can be used only with elaborate recovery measures and hand work.

Novartis, support the efforts for more transparency in health care, so the speaker Sugimoto on request. From data protection legal reasons, the further processing of the data without the consent of the reception was, however, organizations and persons are not allowed. “Therefore, we do not support the further processing of the data.”

The VIEWS database of pharmaceutical is doing now, but just that. The Foundation for consumer protection welcomes this: “This additional database is needed, because the so-called “transparency initiative” of the pharmaceutical industry makes no real transparency. This shows that self-regulation by the industry is meant to be neither serious nor work.”