How to make drugs to blockbusters, so that we know. When planning to send blocks on the Novartis Campus has miscalculated the pharmaceutical multi. The prestigious project was designed at the planning stage in 2001 for 13’000 people, working there just 7500 employees, the research and develop, such as the “NZZ” writes. Is decreasing all the time. Five years ago, Novartis wanted to expand the Campus even further two laboratory buildings. A project that was canceled for lack of demand.

Will open the Campus?

Because Novartis must save, the development of new Blockbuster devours more and more money. Therefore, the management is thinned, especially office jobs. There are many older employees, meets, in some cases especially staff in the production can be sent already at 55 years of age. Not a wise idea to find an industry expert in the “NZZ”, especially in the procurement of so much Knowledge is lost. Know how to shop efficiently and conveniently for the production of medicines necessary substances.

Meanwhile, there are vacancies on the Campus, the striking Novartis-high-rise building should not be vacated. In Basel is now speculation about whether or not to be open for Aussdenstehende hermetically sealed Campus to third-party companies – for example, for Start-ups in the Life Science area. Something that until recently was in Basel still unthinkable.