Novak: Russia will finish the

Russian energy Minister Alexander Novak said that the project is beneficial for our country and for the European consumers, and the construction of the 3rd and 4th strings of the pipeline will be completed.

the Head of Ministry of Russia noted that the United States and a number of countries have “unprecedented resistance” to stop the project, but the “Nord stream–2” will be completed. He stressed that the project is “the most transparent, predictable and profitable,” noting that direct deliveries of gas from Russia will help to increase the energy security of the countries of Northern and Central Europe.

About this Alexander Novak said in the article “Russian gas: the energy of infinite possibilities”, published in his newspaper column in the journal “Energy policy”.

the article outlines the prospects of development of gas industry of the Russian Federation taking into account the growth in natural gas consumption in the world. Russian energy Minister recalled that Russia retains the first place in the world for exports of gas, Russian gas, he estimates is “one of the most competitive in the world.”

Alexander Novak expressed confidence in the ability of Russia to expand its presence not only in traditional markets of Europe, but also in other regions, including Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Africa.