President Emmanuel macron voted in favor of the restoration of the Cathedral of Notre Dame in exactly the same form in which it caught fire April 15, 2019. At a meeting at the Elysee Palace, he has considered and approved the draft presented by the team of the chief architect, head of the historical monuments of Philip Villeneuve, provides for the installation of the spire, which in the nineteenth century, was crowned by a Cathedral restorer eugène violle-Le-Duc.The decision will put an end to talk about how, not whether, the roof and the completion of the monument is made in a modern style. Such proposals were made after a fire several architects. Works Manager, General Jean-Louis Georgelin and before that, spoke decisively in favor of the authentic solution, in his opinion was joined by new culture Minister roselyne Bachelot.Readiness to begin work for said company Charpentiers sans frontires. Modern carpenters claim that the supporting structure of the roof can be restored exactly in the period of eight months. Completion of the reconstruction of Notre-Dame de Paris is still scheduled for 2024 year.About the beginning of the restoration of the Cathedral in the publication “Kommersant” “About Notre Dame is not for nothing called”.Alexey Tarkhanov, Paris