A Swiss snowboard brand has “Beef” because of the iconic American rapper Notorious B. I. G., The mother and widow of the 1997 murdered artist in the company Yes Snowboards sue now, as the US Portal “The Blast” writes, apparently had insight into court documents. Yes is part of the West Swiss Nidecker group, and is aimed especially at young Freestyle riders.

the trigger of the dispute is a Snowboard of a current line, on which an image of the rapper flaunts. The Snowboard company works together with photographer Chi Modu, who had taken the photo of the “Biggie” with the Twin Towers in the Background. But it seems that a permission is missing for the use of the object.

name without permission

may those Who use “Biggies” name and face on products, determined according to plaintiffs, the Notorious B. I. G. LLC – a company founded on the mother and surviving wife Faith Evans, to manage the intellectual rights of the rapper. As an icon of the still-popular Rapper has been used countless times for brand collaborations.

According to the applicants, the Swiss company sell products with the image of the deceased rapper to have without ever having to ask for permission or to pay a penny more according to the Portal. In addition, the B. I. G. LLC is required to have a current contract with a third-party, the image in the way.

The lawsuit calls for an injunction against the company, as well as all of the gains that were achieved with the products. In addition to the Snowboard with the “Biggie”-photo Yes also sells boards with pictures of the also deceased Rapper Tupac Shakur, Eazy-E and Ol’ Dirty Bastard. Up to now, have been made according to the American magazine “Complex” but by any other legal action.

Currently, the boards are no longer in the Webshot of Yes to find. A request by the “Handelszeitung” has not been answered by the company previously.

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