The case of Jörg Leu (82) and his wife (78) provides a shake of the head. The road traffic office in St. Gallen allows the Pair to around 600 Swiss francs for expensive doctor check take the column, although the persons Concerned have only been examined recently.

A neighbor has told the two behind her back. And hopes, apparently, that Leus are drawn without violation of the traffic (LOOK told). “These anonymous allegations are outrageous,” says the pensioner.

A question of proportionality

The case of St. Gallen raises the question of how road transport offices to deal with informers. A survey of the VIEWS of the 14 cantonal road traffic offices, shows that they respond to external Clues.

The reason: It is in the interest of traffic safety, to draw dangerous Arm in advance of the transport. However, The administrative authorities must grant, by law, the detectors, although the confidentiality of the allegations but not necessarily engaged.

“We are acting in the framework of the proportionality principle”, it shall notify the road traffic office in Bern. And Claudio Reich, head of buses and lead pass removals in the Grisons, says that there may be cases in which confidentiality make sense. “This is especially true if the family observations to be made.” Such a message could cause a family dispute or even a disinheritance.

informers don’t come to the Fund

But in the case of Jörg Leu and his wife was of the detectors, a neighbor. What seems to appear rarely. “I have had in 25 years, with a third person,” stressed Claudio Kingdom. In other cantons, it sounds similar. Most of the complaints but in the case of the Canton police forces.

Spicy: Who remains the doctor’s cost, if the blackened links are the search. Road traffic offices are free to wear these. The informers are not allowed to ask for cash, as there is no legal basis.