Kylie Jenner with her daughter Stormy

Parents often are eager to pamper your baby, and celebrity moms and dads are no exception. 23-year-old Kylie Jenner, which is called one of the most successful in the famous clan Kardashian — Jenner, spends considerable sums on gifts for his two year old daughter Stormy Webster. Showering baby Kylie, however, not only toys, but also fashion accessories. br>
Parse that Stormy is in the collection of handbags, which would be envied by many adult fashionista!

Kylie Jenner often shares with followers photos and videos of their child, and often Stormy posing with some accessory. Recently in the blog of the star appeared a picture in which the girl is sitting on the terrace with a Nano Speedy handbag from Louis Vuitton cost a little more than a thousand dollars. White purse with multicolored logo of the brand is one of the last gifts my daughter Kylie.

the collection features Stormy not only classic but trendy handbags past seasons. So, in the photo taken on Valentine’s Day last year, she poses with pink microsomal Le Chiquito from Jacquemus (it costs about $ 750). However, in the hands of a little girl she looks not so small.

Another noticeable microsome in the collection of Stormy — green accessory from Gelareh Mizrahi. Compared to other bags in the collection of the baby is almost a budget option — is the bag for only $ 250.

Stormy and Kylie Jenner

Novelties girl indulges not just a mom. Friends and relatives Kylie know how to please Stormy (to expensive bags, she’s so accustomed to, that often do not release their hands, like a favorite toy).

So, DJ Khaled gave her for birthday (Stormy was just one year old!) a red handbag from Chanel. Incidentally, this was the first bag from this iconic French brand, and what behind the scenes, he said Kylie. But by the time the girl was already accustomed to such luxury gifts (in the end, even her sling was from Gucci).

Travis Scott & Kylie Jenner with her daughter and DJ Khaled

After all, even before her aunt Kim Kardashian had bought the same vintage Louis Vuitton bags for all children in a large family Kardashian — Jenner as gifts for Christmas. The cost of one bag is about 2 600 dollars.

the Video then touched millions of Internet users — Stormy immediately reached for the gift, and then immediately put her handbag on hand. However, not without its critics — many thought that such expensive gifts to children is inappropriate.

But little do they saw Stormy running in the garden with pink Hermès Kelly bag cost��Tue 30 thousand dollars.

It releases the bag from the hands,

— signed then Kylie live with her daughter.

I Wonder what that bag went to the girl inherited from her mother. In 2018 Jenner revealed to subscribers of its collections of bags where they were and pink Hermès.

This, probably, I’ll let Stormy wear, when she says, “Mommy, I need my bag”. So this will probably be her first bag,

commented then Kylie.

well, apparently, a long wait for this request was not necessary, because the video and Stormy appeared less than a year.

However, Stormy is not the only star kid with this exclusive accessory. Cardi Bi and her husband Offset also follow the rule “wear the Suite from the youth” — they gave my daughter a bag Hermès Birkin on her second birthday. The singer was also criticized but said that her daughter just needs to match it and there is nothing wrong with this gift she sees.

the same rule is guided by Kylie herself. So, in July of this year she showed in storis four nylon bags Prada in mini-sizes, which she bought for Stormy.

had to buy her all the Prada to meet the mummy

— signed picture of Kylie.

the Cost of one bag of this model is 1 $ 290. Well, to create similar images with your daughter celebrity love — for Christmas last year, Jenner published a photo in which she and Stormy posing in dresses of the same color, and this year provided the daughter the children’s version of the trendy bodycon jumpsuit from Marine Serre.

But Kylie has another reason why she so often buys daughter accessories. In one video she explained that to give luxury handbags is a family tradition.

My mom gave these to me and Kendall when we were almost babies, so I’ll be sure to tell her Stormy,

— so Jenner commented on one bag from Louis Vuitton in their collection.

And, apparently, this tradition cherished by all representatives of the family, because the cousin Stormy North (daughter of Kim Kardashian) and Penelope (daughter of Kourtney Kardashian) also often appear in public with the luxury handbags. For example, in the collection of the North have bag from Fendi with a cost nearly four thousand dollars.

One of the insiders told the publication Life & Style, Kylie just showered your daughter with gifts. According to him, in a week she can spend on shopping for Stormy, which includes, of course, not only bags, but also toys and gadgets of the order of 100 thousand dollars. However, according to an insider, Kylie on himself can spend all 300 thousand dollars a week.

if she Manages to show everything on instagram, it is hard to say. But the pace Stormy dressing room will soon be able to compete with my mother’s volumes. To see all that remains is to wait for Stormy will continue another family tradition, and she will start to shoot video: then, we’ll be able to appreciate the collection.