The mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin, explained why the mortality rate from coronavirus in five times lower than in new York.

“We before they introduced measures of quarantine, the better prepared health care. Due to the smoothed peak was decreased and the peak load on health care. Therefore, the mortality rate is five times lower, despite the fact that Moscow has more than new York city for 3 million inhabitants”, – RIA “news” words of Sobyanin, who noted that he considers justified to compare Moscow with new York.

“We managed to prevent humanitarian disaster, panic. We have retained the order and the stability of authority, was given the opportunity to continue to work two-thirds of workers”, – said the mayor.

According to Sobyanin, Moscow is already 60% of the population have a collective immunity against coronavirus. “In Moscow, and in new York created herd immunity in about 60% of the population,” – said the mayor.

The mayor considers justified, the comparison of Moscow with new York. “The process took place over a month, and health care did not cope with the load, but we smoothed peak, stretched the process for three months”, – said the mayor.

He added that Moscow authorities did not allow humanitarian catastrophe, panic, maintained order and stability of power despite COVID.

New York became the center of an epidemic of coronavirus in the United States. In the worst days here per day died more than 700 people, more than 3 thousand admitted to the hospital. In total, the city of new York from the coronavirus, according to the July 16, died on 18 754 thousand people.

In Moscow, according to July 17, just died from COVID 4 thousand 271 people. It is already more than two months in the capital remains negative, the rate of growth of new cases. As of Friday, the number of new cases by 10% in less than a week ago.

In recent days in Russia revealed 6406 new cases of coronavirus in 83 regions, 26% of them had clinical manifestations of the disease”.

The country identified 759 203 virus-positive patients in 85 regions, and the number recovered has increased to 539 373 people, of which 7681 people have recovered in recent days.

Also a day recorded 186 deaths. For the entire period in Russia from the coronavirus died 12 123 people.

The day before, July 16, the number of confirmed per day cases of coronavirus amounted to 6428. Thus, the number of new cases per day has decreased by 22.