Not to let coronavirus in Russia: for the month tested more than 1.5 million people

On behalf of the President of the Russian aerospace forces today to begin evacuating our citizens from China’s Hubei province — the center of an epidemic of 2019 coronavirus-nCoV. Up to 5 February, they have to get 133. In the presence of alarming symptoms citizens will put on a two-week quarantine. The national plan also provides for decisive steps, up to the deportation of aliens with the coronavirus from Russia. According to Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova, soon for admission of foreigners from China into Russia there will be only one crossing point — Sheremetyevo. Tomorrow, February 4, in China flying group of experts of the Ministry of health and Rospotrebnadzor, to assess the situation.

the Trip from Beijing to Irkutsk for passengers on one of the flights ended in the local infectious diseases hospital. The four physicians have noticed the temperature, but now we have to check all. Not to spread the virus in Russia is the main task.

to come to Russia from China by rail is now impossible — the message is suspended. The last train from Beijing arrived in Tyumen. Immediately after crossing the border in cars started working physicians. Patients like was not observed, but before the Tyumen passed the tests, those who went in the city.

throughout the Far East airports and railway stations now are disinfected twice as often. In masks go almost all. Screening of visitors from China is total. That situation can not be let out of control, with the Deputy Prime Ministers spoke and Mikhail Mishustin, emphasizing one more time — in Russia to prevent coronavirus measures.

“We signed a plan to prevent the introduction and spread of the coronavirus in the territory of Russia. In addition, it is now added to the list of especially dangerous diseases. This will allow for deportation of foreign citizens, if they have identified this disease, and also introduces a special limitedsignificant measures — isolation and quarantine,” — said the Prime Minister of Russia Mikhail Mishustin.

this insulation would look like on the ground, showed in the village Poltavka in Primorsky Krai. Here to the border just two kilometers away. Something like a group of kindergarten — beds, hygiene products, hot water. In the larger cities isolated chamber and even hotels.

“At the moment, on the basis of GUZ “Zabaykalsky CRB” deployed 117 beds. 28 is a hospital base. 37 beds is the bed of the insulator. The rest is observation Department,” — said the chief physician of TSRB Oksana Zabaykalsky of the unborn.

the Willingness of the regions to fight the virus, the government monitored on a daily basis. Mikhail Mishustin reported:

“For fighting infections in Russia now has all the necessary medicines and remedies. It is important that people were fully secured and that the prices in pharmacies remained at the same level. This is mandated to follow Federal anti-monopoly service and Healthcare”.

the Demand for medical masks jumped dozens of times, but the industry cope with the orders. The head of one of the pharmacies in Yakutsk Leah Anikin said that they received 38 thousand masks, 18 thousand of which will go to institutions and the rest to retail to the public. In addition, tomorrow they are going to get another 50 thousand masks.

If the mask in absolute protection from the virus believe not all doctors, the number of flights really helps. Sheremetyevo airport, terminal F — tomorrow, February 4, it will be the only access point into Russia for foreigners, who arrived from China. A month ago Moscow landed dozens of flights from a dozen Chinese cities, including Wuhan from. Now there was only a route Moscow — Beijing. Still from Beijing aircraft to fly yet will be, after all, the Russians in China, should be able to come back home.

“as to “Aeroflot” and the prohibition of the flight, while we see no reason for a complete closure of air links with China”, — commented Deputy Chairman of the government of Russia Tatyana Golikova.

Check will be coming very carefully. The head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova said:

“In Sheremetyevo with the purpose of minimizing risks organized the flights of all of the boards into and out of China people’s Republic of China in one terminal. There are stricter measures for the disinfection mode. There’s also deployed special sanitary and quarantine station, which runs the Federal service on these flights”.

the Reason for the introduction of emergency mode, according to Tatyana Golikova, yet yet. Now the main task — to return home of the Russians living there, where raging epidemic.

“Forces aerospace defence forces of Russia, as you know, preparing the evacuation of Russian citizens from the territory of the Wuhan and Hubei province. The number of such citizens is — 133. While 85 of them live in Wuhan, but the data can be adjusted depending on the information that we will provide the Ministry of foreign Affairs,” — said Golikova.

the New measures adopted today, staff, prohibit the importation from China of exotic animals. Point of catering must now be disinfected especially hard, and the staff of the CPS had the right to forcibly hospitalize people if they have a suspected virus. Doctors predict — the peak of the epidemic will happen in mid-February. It was at this time in Sochi was a scheduled international investment forum. Now with business negotiations will have to wait.

“Only claimed 4,000 participants. Among them 500 foreigners, half of Southeast Asia where cases of Koronovirus. On the one hand, it is incorrect to deny, on the other, suggest to cancel”, — said Deputy Chairman of Russian government Dmitry Chernyshenko.

“Yes, but not to cancel, but transfer. First we have to think about the safety and health of our citizens, participants of the forum”, — said Mikhail Mishustin.

While in Russian hospitals under the supervision remain four thousand patients who may have had contact with carriers of the virus. Just last month Rospotrebnadzor experts checked more than half a million people.