Overloading is already working for about a week. At a meeting with inhabitants of the Heater Hotsanic assured that the CPS be sure to find out whether it was permissible for her to be in this place.

for several years on the streets of Eugene Deriugina the city authorities are trying to open waste sorting line. The distance from it to the private sector, less than 500 metres. Local residents have repeatedly called on the authorities to bring the company out of the city so as not to endanger the health of people. In this area there is another polluting facility – the largest landfill of the Crimea. It rekultivirovat, but the locals resent the appearance in the neighborhood with them new businesses to work with the waste instead of the infrastructure and educational institutions.

Earlier, the Prosecutor’s office questioned the legality of the investment agreement between the investor company in Eugene Deriugina, 31 – LLC “Ecoprogram” and the Council of Ministers of the RK. The inhabitants of the Heater several times initiated a collective meeting with the heads of administration of Simferopol and other authorities. But now that the MUP “Ekograd” during the regime of isolation rented “Ekoprome” the hangar and set up musoropererabotka, they can’t do anything.

– We are tired of lawlessness, we drove home and sneaky, behind our backs, crank up their garbage business, – says a resident of Kamenka Catherine Artemina.

residents of the area organized a campaign in social networks – began to publish fotosobraniya to the authorities with a demand to remove the object at a safe distance from homes.

– the Purpose of this action is to make the head of the RK Sergey Aksenov fulfilment of his promises, namely to move all the garbage objects where they will not be dangerous to people.

About the inadmissibility finding the complex within the boundaries of Simferopol in June of last year, Feldman said after the incident with the drop-off silt from Salgir. It was unloaded to the heater during the cleaning of the river bed. However the city authorities for nearly a year ignored the order, and in fact lobbied for the complex.

So, at last week’s meeting of the inhabitants of the Heater with the head of administration of Simferopol Elena Protsenko and Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Kazakhstan Yuri Gianico last promised to hold public hearings about the work of the company immediately after the lifting of the isolation. And yet this place, he said, suitable for overload.

– Overload will remain here forever? asked Gianluca Catherine Artemina.

– Temporarily it will work, ‘ he replied. – If the public will argue, the complex will not work. Everything will be decided at the public hearing. Now they can not hold due to the regime self-isolation.

Elena Protsenko said that “the public is not two persons and not three”, that the inhabitant of the Heater of vozrassludge: “a petition against the plant was signed by a thousand people”. “You talked to this a thousand?”, – said Protsenko. Judging by this issue, head of the administration is unaware of the extent of the problem or ignores it – the mass meetings to discuss complex Simferopol organized and with the previous head of administration Natalia Malenko.

At the end Protsenko added that she’s “under the Windows of the cemetery “Abdal”, and another well in the yard – and do not worry.”

Hotsanic same, justifying the opening of the complex, noted that “here the enclosed space, leaking and no odor.

– you bring in the CPS, will make measurements. Unless harmful emissions, the company might be working, he said.

– That is, first overloading launched and only after that will verify its safety? – followed by a question. We live in a sanitary area. Public hearings with our participation regarding this facility was not performed. The plant can be seen from the Windows of my kitchen, I fear for the health of your family. When we built the house, in the master plan for this site was educational institutions. We want the residents of Kamenka, which fall into the “kill zone”, I heard. You don’t want to meet people?

– Will time – will meet. I toured the premises, there is no smell.

– it is not the smell.

– what?

– In mercury thermometers, in batteries… All waste, including hazardous, are in one basket, because we have no pre-sorting of garbage. It all lies in the heaps of garbage that we’re afraid of. We have wells, and land and water can be contaminated. We are not against musorosborniki how we are credited with for us. But it should not be near housing. Unless you do research, what should we do? Move out?

something critical is happening? – surprised Yuri Hotsanic.

Meanwhile, the head of the RK Sergey Aksenov his opinion about the events not announced. However, according to said at the meeting, the authorities in solving the “garbage issue” in Kamenka emphasis on public hearings, which are Advisory in nature and not on actual proximity to houses and established the Prosecutor’s office of violations of the investor of the complex.

Lawyer angelina Makhno sent to the Prosecutor’s office appeal, which pointed out the illegality of cooperation of the “Ekograd” with “Ecopromika”. For example, the lease of the premises on the street Genis Deriugina imprisoned in violation of section 2. article 9 of the Federal law “On wastes of production and consumption” – two legal persons have the right to work with waste management on a single object.

Also “Ekograd” violates the agreement with GUP RK “Crematoriums”. According to it, the company may not transfer the waste on the objects that are not specified in the territorial scheme of waste management. And congestion on the streets of Eugene Deriugina, 31, is not provided.