In a series of exhibition tennis tournaments Adria Tour, an outbreak of coronavirus. The number of cases of the first racket of the world Novak Djokovic. Russian Andrey Rublev, whose Sunday’s final against Serbia at the world Cup in the Croatian Zadar was cancelled at the last moment, in an interview with “Kommersant” Eugene Fedyakov wished Novak Djokovic to recover without consequences, his impressions of Adria Tour and told about his nearest plans.— We’re talking to you just ten minutes after Novak Djokovic announced his positive test. Your first reaction? — Surprised by the news. I can only wish Novak as soon as possible to recover, is to avoid some symptoms and consequences.— And what did you think about Sunday when it became known that he had a Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrov? The word “fear” accurately describes your condition?— I learned about this literally half an hour of the beginning of the finale. Fear not, if only a slight confusion. Very upset that I won’t be able to play. And of course, they had to change all their plans. It has become clear that have to be checked. While coronavirus I’m fine.— When ACE the next test?— Thursday. I hope that everything will be fine.— With any of the other players on Tour Adria you spoke?— Sasha Zverev. We often trained and spent a lot of time off the court. Played different games.— How did the whole story Zverev, the other players and the organizers Adria Tour?— For others it’s hard to say. Players in the first few hours did not understand what to do next. And the organizers… I Think for them it was a shock. Still, they probably feel some guilt.— What do you in General made the atmosphere in the tournament? Loved it. I really missed the matches and games on the court. And finally was able to play against opponents who have not seen. Yes, even in the presence of the fans. I just missed it. Of course, it is easy to say that some things in the tournament should be done differently, and some not to do it. But I’m not the organizer, do not know much. I think, now, just when it opens after the coronavirus, you can become infected anywhere. Because almost everywhere a lot of people.— You understand that today the participation in any tournament involves a risk to health? And if so, to what extent are you willing to risk?— Now any situation connected with appearance, implies a risk. Even an ordinary dinner in the restaurant. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly monitor themselves, to comply with security measures to remember about masks, disinfection of the hands, gloves. But even if you follow all these rules, there is no full guarantee. Moreover, the fact that the street is now safer than at a tournament where you better mozhesh to control the situation on the court and in the hotel. So if all goes well, I will try to participate in tournaments. Especially his game in Zadar, I am happy.Did not expect that after the huge break will turn out to show such tennis. I feel that to stress the body completely ready. And I can’t wait when will start season in America.— Do you plan to play in Washington at the first tournament after the restart of the ATP calendar, is scheduled for August 14, or will fly to new York?— Haven’t decided yet. First, you need to understand that with the limitations. Will I be able to train if arriving in Washington in advance. Or we will be out on the courts shortly before the tournament. There are other questions to which so far no one answer is no.— Do you support the overall medical Protocol the US Open, which the organizers have toned down at the request of some players? And who are you planning to bring to new York?— Probably many things will change, so I want to wait for official information. When everything becomes clear, and then decide who to take with you. But my coach Fernando Vicente at the US Open will go a hundred percent.As the pandemic coronavirus change the face of sports to further tranliterate