You could find him in the meantime, almost cute, this Boris Johnson. How funny it was when he was still mayor of London at the 2012 Olympic Games with a British Flag in the Hand on a cable car through a Park in the Olympic grounds rustled. How cool it was, as Johnson said, his chances of becoming British Prime Minister, were to be about as good as the as Olive born again. And how audacious of this guy with the platinum blonde caveman hairstyle with facts can handle! He has the power to manipulate facts, he exhibited not only in his time as a Journalist, but also in the Brexit campaign is proof of this.

Boris – the man who fights the force of gravity. Boris – the man that realized his dreams, even if they seem really unattainable. Boris – the man who can bend the world around to how he’d like it. Great, the type.

Au weia, of the can’t conjure up at all!

all The more painful, however, may be the Moment of unmasking, the last sees that the supposed powerhouse Johnson is stronger than the world of facts. Yikes that can’t defy the laws of nature! Au weia, of the can’t conjure up at all! Like, can’t bend the world to your will?

FOCUS Online Margarete van Ackerens Berlin week

In the Corona-crisis, however, this demystification is extremely hard. At the outbreak of the epidemic, Johnson has played down the risks. He relied not on rigorous shielding, but on the theory of herd immunity – the Virus is largely free rein in order to achieve an “infestation” of the 70 percent, so that these people would then be immune. Rather late, Johnson took the issue seriously.

viruses do not shy away from pithy words back

The Premier announced the first, the Slogan “We can do the thing” (We’ll get this thing done”) – in the same pattern as the previous saying of “Let’s Brexit get” (“Get Brexit done”). The Fatale is not only that resistance is terror-capable viruses pithy words back. And so the Prime lost valuable weeks, until he took the threat seriously. And since it appears almost as a tragic symbol of the vulnerability that the Virus has now also caught Johnson himself and his Minister of health. The symptoms in the 55-Year-old should be quite mild.

Alex Brandon/AP/dpa Donald Trump, President of the United States, is located at the 7. March, Jair Bolsonaro, President of Brazil, in his estate Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach

A big Ego can be dangerous, not only for the Ego self. The situation in the USA speaks volumes. Even at the beginning of the month, Donald Trump pointedly Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro had shaken hands – that was in a Phase in which any Informed normal long-internalized, that times of Corona should not be the kumpeligen body contact. Bolsonaro by the way, a very bad copy in the ranks of the Ego-politicians, was tested shortly after his meeting with Trump initially positive. Trump was lucky: He was spared, although he had played with fire.

Corona has no fear of Trump

The US President seemed to think for weeks that the Virus will undergo the impression of the enormous Trump’s authority of self back. In the meantime, Trump also called on Europe a scapegoat. Both have not helped.

The President was in true Trump’shear-manner – because that is not what must be precious time in the fight against the epidemic to pass. The price, however, is not he, but the pay of thousands of his fellow citizens pays. In the US, the tragic consequences of this lax attitude from day to day to be more visible. The situation in New York is Crying. Add to this that the American health system is well prepared for this epidemic of bad. The supply is, the likes of some of the get now to feel painful, by Trumps boasts not become better.

Not only Covid-19, but also “Ego 2020” is these days as a fire-dangerous Virus.

Old time bombs go now

dpa/Ondrej Deml/CTK/Reuters Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has found his own way of dealing with the pandemic. He wants to understand the crisis as a Chance for personally – as an opportunity for political Profit and power gain. The world is busy elsewhere, because the opportunity is favorable. Orbán wants to adopt a state of Emergency that could allow him to rule indefinitely by decree. With forced break for Parliament.

And so some of the time bomb that ticked already for a long time unmistakably goes, just now, in this severe global crisis.

immunity to negligence on the part of

there’s No question that Even modest property, plant, and politicians of the type of Angela Merkel deities of their own citizens in these days little sure, little promise of safety. A but after all, you have to offer: That they will bring neither democracy nor civil negligence is in danger. In these days, this is obviously not a matter of course. Green party leader Baerbock calls for switching to “pandemic Economics” FOCUS Online/Wochit Green party leader Baerbock calls for switching to “pandemic Economics”