Not necessary Belarus rejected the proposal of the Russian Federation

Belarus did not want to buy from companies from Russia tests coronarius. The foreign Ministry of Belarus is sure that he will cope without the help of Moscow. The head of the Ministry Vladimir Makei stressed that Belarus started to produce these tests.

It is known that the day before Russia gave Belarus about 10 thousand free tests for coronavirus. Healthcare Minister of Belarus Igor Petrishenko noted that the country can expect from Russia 30 thousand paid tests.

On Friday, Mackay said that the delivery was delayed. But in Belarus no longer need to offer Russia. Mackay noted that the tests they are in the country produce their own. And if that’s not enough, in Minsk handed over 50 thousand systems from other countries.

Mackay added that he did not know about a help from Russia is involved. He is unhappy that Russia closed the border with Belarus. Mackay also reminded of the 15 workers from Russia with the coronavirus, who came to build a nuclear power plant. He suggested that Russia take their problems within the region, RIA Novosti reported.