Because of the property tax reform, around 36 million properties across Germany have to be revalued. As a result, millions of property owners have had to submit their property tax returns electronically since the beginning of July.

The tax authorities have now set up another internet portal for this purpose, as the German taxpayers’ association has informed. As an alternative to the Elster tax platform, an additional portal for private owners has been available since the beginning of July.

On the page (more information at, private owners in the eleven federal states that are currently participating in the federal model can submit their property tax returns:

If owners are unsure whether they can use the portal, they can click through a short questionnaire on the website. This way you will quickly know whether the effort is actually worth it.

“The advantage is that no Elster certificate is required to submit the declaration,” says Daniela Karbe-Gessler from the Taxpayers’ Association. The information can be entered directly on the homepage.

In order to submit the property tax return in the browser, you must first register with the platform by email. To do this, click the confirmation link in the message you receive from the website.

After that, you need to apply for an unlock code to identify yourself. Enter your tax ID from the tax office here. You should carry out this step right at the beginning, because it takes between seven and 14 days for the code to be sent – ​​but you can already process the tax return in the meantime. Gather the following information:

Once the code is there, owners of detached or semi-detached houses, condominiums and vacant lots are guided through the individual mandatory details. In addition, reference is made to the corresponding portals of the federal states for determining the standard land values.

According to the taxpayers’ association, anyone who provides an address in Brandenburg will receive direct information on the standard land value and size of the area. Help texts provide additional input support.

According to Karbe-Gessler, it is recommended that owners have their information letter from the tax office, their tax ID and, if applicable, their land register data. Then the entries are completed in a few minutes.

Note the following: If you want to save the property tax return and edit it later, you must do this on the same device and with the same browser. The information is stored in a cookie – so deactivate any cookie blockers for this platform if you use one.

The property tax return must be submitted by October 31, 2022: With the “GrundsteuerErklärung” software from, you can master the task yourself in no time at all.

(with DPA content)